Stewardship and voting

Stewardship covers all our activities which look to promote the long-term success of the investments we make on behalf of our clients.

As stewards of our clients’ capital, we act in their interests to invest in companies which can create, preserve and enhance value. This involves the assessment of a broad range of factors which do, or could, have an impact on value, including those related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) drivers.

We encourage freedom of thought among fund managers, allowing each franchise to have an individual style and investment approach. This means that each team selects, manages and incorporates relevant ESG factors in a way best suited to its specific investment approach.

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As an active investment manager, we value the opportunity to develop relationships with the management, boards and representatives of the companies in which we invest. Engagement can include face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, emails and letters on a wide range of topics including strategy, operational performance, governance issues and industry-specific considerations. Engagement is a core element of our approach and one of the means by which we develop our understanding of companies, raise issues with management and monitor subsequent developments.


We vote on all of our holdings, unless restricted from doing so. Voting decisions are made by our fund managers, informed by their knowledge of the company concerned, any engagement activity, Artemis’ voting policy and input from external research providers, notably Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS).

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We support the international conventions on cluster munitions and anti-personnel mines and therefore will not knowingly invest in companies involved in their production. We also offer screened portfolios where exclusions are requested by our clients.

Collective collaboration and industry reporting

We actively participate in industry-wide initiatives and collaborative engagement, recognising that to instigate change a collective approach can often make success more likely. Our memberships, associations and public industry responses include:

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Further information

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