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The Artemis Global Energy Fund pursues long-term capital growth by investing in companies in the oil and gas sector, as well as in companies that generate and transmit energy. It has a bias towards younger and more promising energy companies.

  • Diversification: the fund is able to invest in companies across the world and across the energy spectrum – from oil & gas exploration companies to large integrated energy companies, refiners, transmission companies and their suppliers.
  • A focused approach: from a universe of around 2,000 stocks, the managers pick around 40 that they believe will reward investors over the medium and longer term.
  • ‘Thematic’ and ‘basin’ investing: the managers use two approaches to source stock ideas. A ‘thematic’ approach involves looking at broad trends in the energy sector and the investment opportunities that result. ‘Basin’ investing focuses on existing and potential energy-producing hotspots and on the companies operating in those areas.
  • Specialist insight: the fund combines the stock-picking skill of John Dodd with the petroleum engineering background of Richard Hulf. Their detailed technical and financial analysis underpins the portfolio.

Richard Hulf

Introducing the Artemis Global Energy Fund

Richard Hulf explains how he and fellow manager John Dodd manage the Global Energy Fund.

Fund managers

John Dodd

John Dodd

Since launch

John co-manages the Artemis Global Energy Fund and Artemis Alpha Trust plc. A co-founder of the firm in 1997, he is chairman of the partnership’s management committee.

Richard Hulf

Richard Hulf

Since June 2011

Richard manages the Artemis Global Energy Fund alongside John Dodd.

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