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The Artemis Pan-European Absolute Return Fund is an equity ‘long/short’ fund. It aims to deliver a positive return over the longer term, irrespective of changing market conditions.

To achieve this, it combines a traditional portfolio of ‘long’ European stocks (where the manager expects a company’s share prices to rise) with a portfolio of ‘short’ positions (where he aims to make money from an anticipated fall in a share’s price), allowing manager Paul Casson to use his stock-picking skills to profit from falling, as well as rising, share prices.

  • Pan-Europe investment opportunities: the manager aims to build a simple portfolio focusing on the best ideas across the European region.
  • Robust investment process: Paul combines market themes with detailed accounting investigation to select companies through rigorous stock-picking.
  • Lower volatility: the fund aims to deliver returns with significantly less ups and downs than stockmarkets overall.
  • Diversification: the fund's holdings are well diversified across 60 to 100 ‘long’ and ‘short’ positions in carefully researched companies.

Paul Casson

Introducing the Artemis Pan-European Absolute Return Fund

Paul Casson explains how he manages the Pan-European Absolute Return Fund.

Fund managers

Paul Casson

Paul Casson

Since launch

Paul has managed the Artemis Pan-European Absolute Return Fund since launch in July 2014.

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