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The Artemis Capital Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in attractively valued companies whose earnings are growing, mainly in the UK. It draws on SmartGARP®, Artemis’ proprietary stock-screening tool that identifies potential winners and promotes timely and objective decision making.

  • Rigorous stock screening: SmartGARP combats ‘information overload’ by focusing the fund manager’s attention on the stocks with the most attractive financial characteristics.
  • Flexible and active: the fund invests primarily in large- and medium-sized companies in the UK. But it also has the flexibility to invest in smaller companies and up to 20% in international equities when the manager identifies compelling opportunities.
  • Objective clarity: SmartGARP provides a fact-based framework for comparing the relative attractions of stocks in different markets and sectors around the world. It also promotes timely – and often against-the-trend – decision-making.
  • Human insight: before investing, the manager carries out detailed research to ensure that the investment story behind a SmartGARP recommendation is valid.
  • Best ideas: in parallel with assessing potential new holdings, SmartGARP subjects the fund’s existing holdings to constant scrutiny. By sending a clear signal when a holding’s financial situation appears to be deteriorating, it ensures only the very best ideas remain in the fund, leading to a portfolio of around 70 to 100 stocks.

Philip Wolstencroft

Introducing the Artemis Capital Fund

Philip Wolstencroft explains how he manages the Capital Fund.

Fund managers

Philip Wolstencroft

Philip Wolstencroft

Since 1 July 2010

Philip is a partner, a member of the management committee and the creator of an investment process (SmartGARP™) which Artemis uses to help choose stocks for five of its funds.

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