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The Artemis Income Fund's aim is simple – to provide investors with a steady and growing income along with long-term capital growth. The fund mainly invests in companies listed in the UK, but it does have the flexibility to invest overseas when attractive opportunities arise. Its holdings tend to be stable, well-established businesses with the financial strength to pay solid dividends to their shareholders.

  • Regular income: the managers look for companies with strong positive cashflows and that are likely to produce a good dividend yield.
  • Experienced team: managers Adrian Frost and Nick Shenton have many years’ experience of managing income funds.
  • Well-diversified: the fund holds a diversified portfolio of between 50 and 70 stocks and is not overly exposed to any one industry or company. Position sizes reflect the level of expected return from a stock and the managers’ confidence in the company.

Adrian Frost

Introducing the Artemis Income Fund

Adrian Frost and Nick Shenton explain how they and manage the Artemis Income Fund.

Investment team

Adrian Frost

Adrian Frost

Fund manager, since January 2002

Adrian manages the Artemis Income Fund, which he took over when he joined the firm in January 2002

Nick Shenton

Nick Shenton

Fund manager, since October 2012

Nick manages income mandates alongside Adrian Frost and Andy Marsh.

Andrew Marsh

Andy Marsh

Fund manager, since February 2018

Andy works alongside Adrian Frost and Nick Shenton as part of Artemis’ income team.

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