Non-dealing days:
Luxembourg-registered funds

The following non-dealing days affect our Luxembourg-domiciled range of SICAV funds.

On these days, no price per share/unit (net asset value) will be issued and no dealing instructions are able to be actioned (by way of subscriptions, redemptions, switches or conversions).

As a result, for any dealing instructions affected by a non-dealing day (and therefore a non-valuation day), the settlement period may be extended when a non-dealing day falls between the trade date and the settlement date. Any dealing instruction submitted on a non-dealing day will be carried forward to the next dealing day.

Non-dealing days are applicable to all share classes of affected funds.

Non-dealing days in 2021

This table shows the non-dealing days currently scheduled during 2021:

Date Reason for non-dealing Markets affected Funds affected (see table below)
Monday 1 November All Saints' Day Luxembourg See Luxembourg non-dealing days below
Thursday 25 November US Thanksgiving Day US See US non-dealing days below
Friday 26 November US Thanksgiving US See US non-dealing days below
Friday 24 December Christmas Day substitute Luxembourg, US

See Luxembourg non-dealing days and US non-dealing days below

Funds observing non-dealing days

This table shows the funds affected by the non-dealing days listed above:

Fund Luxembourg non-dealing days* US non-dealing days**
Artemis Funds (Lux) – Global Equity Income
Artemis Funds (Lux) – Global High Yield Bond
Artemis Funds (Lux) – Global Select
Artemis Funds (Lux) – Positive Future
Artemis Funds (Lux) – Short-Dated Global High Yield Bond
Artemis Funds (Lux) – SmartGARP Global Emerging Markets Equity  
Artemis Funds (Lux) – US Extended Alpha
Artemis Funds (Lux) – US Select
Artemis Funds (Lux) – US Smaller Companies

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