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Our ambition is to...

Own tomorrow's winners
Lead in global equity performance 
Seek transformative positive impact 

Why invest?

High conviction

High conviction

A concentrated portfolio of long-term investments in typically 35-45 companies with the potential to disrupt inefficient, outmoded business models.



Our focus on disruptive, emerging mid-caps offers real diversification in a sector where large-cap 'quality' and 'growth' dominate.



Using a five-step process to identify genuine disruptive change. Identifying today’s business challenges – and tomorrow’s winners.

Proven performers


Over 40 years’ combined experience in impact investing and ESG research with a proven ability to deliver positive impact and outperformance.

The 20th century consumer-industrial complex is being disrupted

Unsustainable, outmoded businesses are unlikely to change quickly enough or willingly.

Our focus is on the companies which will disrupt incumbents and then displace them. These emerging companies, we believe, can have a greater positive impact on society – and also deliver outperformance.

In our view, the best long-term opportunities for growth will be innovative companies which are addressing the most significant challenges to sustainability. Innovation creates the most value, where frictions are most acute.

We aim to invest on the right side of this structural change.

The x-curve of disruption

Seeking tomorrow’s winners

The Artemis Positive Future Fund's investment process

The above information reflects the current view of the fund managers and may change over time. Product exclusions encompass: alcohol (>10% revenue), tobacco (>10% revenue), weapons, nuclear power (owners of facilities), gambling (>10% revenue), animal testing (cosmetics), adult entertainment, genetic modification (uncontrolled release) and fossil fuels (engaged in extraction).

Over 40 years’ combined experience in impact investing

Craig, Neil, Jonathan and Ryan form Artemis’ impact equities team and co-manage the Artemis Positive Future Fund. They joined Artemis in 2020 from Aegon Asset Management (previously Kames Capital), where they managed the Aegon Global Sustainable Equity Fund. Together, they have over 40 years’ combined experience in sustainable investing and ESG research.

Craig Bonthron

craig bonthron

Neil Goddin

neil goddin

Jonathan Parsons

jonathan parsons

Ryan Smith

ryan smith

Our Positive Sum thinking...

“A positive sum occurs when an approach is formulated in which the desires and needs of all concerned are satisfied.”

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