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Artemis appoints Head of sales for the Nordics (Scandinavia)

Artemis is pleased to announce that Jens Steen has joined it as head of sales for the Nordics region.

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Artemis to meet the costs of research

Artemis Investment Management LLP has decided that, in response to MiFID II, with effect from January 2018 the cost of all external research will be paid for by Artemis.

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Artemis awarded ‘Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark’ for 2017

Artemis is delighted to be awarded the Charitable Giving ‘Platinum Payroll Giving Quality Mark’ in recognition of the contribution by its staff to charitable fundraising in 2017.

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Artemis appoints The Rock Trust as its charity of the year

Artemis is pleased to announce that its staff have selected The Rock Trust as 2017/2018’s charity of the year.

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Supporting rural communities in Kenya and Uganda

Artemis, through its charitable foundation, has been partnering with Build Africa to use the power of education to help end poverty.

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Artemis funds win Investment Week’s Fund Manager of the Year awards

Artemis’ Monthly Distribution and Global Income funds win key awards.

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Ed Legget to join Artemis UK equity team

Tim Steer, who manages the £737 million Artemis UK Growth Fund, has decided to retire from Artemis at the end of this year. To replace Tim, Ed Legget will be joining Artemis later this year from Standard Life Investments, where he managed the £1.3 billion UK Equity Unconstrained Fund.

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Artemis launches two more US equity funds

Artemis is pleased to confirm that on Monday, 27 October 2014, it will be launching two more US OEIC funds.

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Artemis launches three new US equity funds

Artemis is pleased to open today the offer period for its three, new US OEIC funds. The offer period will run until Monday 22 September, and until then shares in the funds will be priced at 100p/share.

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Artemis hires a further manager for its SmartGARP® funds

Artemis Investment Management LLP is delighted to confirm that Raheel Altaf has joined them today as a fund manager.

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Seven of Threadneedle’s North American team join Artemis

In January, Artemis Investment Management LLP announced that the two senior members of Threadneedle’s North American equities team – Cormac Weldon and Stephen Moore – would be joining Artemis. Artemis now confirms that another five members of that team have also joined Artemis with effect from today: fund manager William Warren and analysts Olivia Miller, Chris Kent, Nafis Chowdhury and Paul Gannon.

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