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Non-dealing days

There are a number of dates throughout the year on which Artemis funds are closed for dealing.

There are a number of dates throughout the year on which Artemis funds are closed for dealing. These are principally bank and local holidays in the countries and markets where our funds invest.

On ‘non-dealing’ days, stockmarkets are closed, so funds are unable to make investment transactions in those markets. In turn, the Artemis funds affected are closed for dealing.

On these days, no price per unit/share (net asset value) will be issued and no dealing instructions are able to be actioned (by way of subscriptions, redemptions, switches or conversions).

As a result, for any dealing instructions affected by a non-dealing day (and therefore a non-valuation day), the settlement period may be extended when a non-dealing day falls between the trade date and the settlement date. Any dealing instruction submitted on a non-dealing day will be carried forward to the next dealing day.

Non-dealing days are applicable to all units/shares of affected funds.

Most stock exchange and market closures can be anticipated, enabling us to provide a list of dates affected over a full calendar year. This page is regularly updated to primarily reflect:

  • Changes to our fund range
  • Changes of funds’ exposure to markets
  • Events causing sudden closure of local stock exchanges or markets

Please bookmark this page to ensure you use the latest information for your dealing decisions. It is your responsibility to ensure that any investment is made on the basis of the latest information available. 

Non-dealing days in 2024

Further information

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