Charity Jamie’s Farm benefits as Artemis’ charity of the year


The staff of Artemis Investment Management nominated Jamie’s Farm as the firm’s charity of the year for 2018/9, raising over £61,000 to help improve the lives of disadvantaged young people.

The ‘charity of the year’ partnership began in August 2018, with a donation from the Artemis Charitable Foundation. This was followed by the ‘Bath Half’ marathon which included 17 runners from Artemis who secured over 90 donations, helping make the 2019 Bath Half the most successful to date for Jamie’s Farm.

In May 2019, the charity opened its newest farm in Lewes, Sussex, when one of the Artemis team met its patron HRH the Duchess of Cornwall. 

And in May, 10 of Artemis’ employees spent a day volunteering at Jamie’s Farm at Waterloo.
Over the full year as Artemis’ charity of the year, Artemis and its staff raised over £61,000 for Jamie’s Farm.

Jamie Feilden, founder and CEO of Jamie’s Farm, said “The partnership with Artemis over the last year is the most practical and impactful demonstration we have experienced about how a business can join forces with a charity to bring about lasting change.

"Artemis understood the needs of Jamie’s Farm and found the means to meet this that could bring the most benefit for a lasting impact – incredible funds, time and awareness. In truth, we wish other businesses could learn from the approach Artemis take to supporting charities.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the team and hope you all know how grateful we are that you chose Jamie’s Farm as your 2018-19 charity of the year. Thank you from us all.”

For further information about Jamie’s Farm, visit