Ed Legget to join Artemis UK equity team

Artemis' senior partner, Mark Tyndall, said: “Tim has had a long and distinguished career in fund management. His skill as a stock-picker has seen the Artemis UK Growth Fund produce excellent returns for its investors, and his forensic accounting techniques have been appreciated by our whole UK equity team. Tim was also instrumental in the launch of our Pan-European Absolute Return Fund last year. We thank Tim for all he has done at Artemis.

“We are delighted that Ed Legget will be joining us as a partner. Ed’s record speaks for itself. We are sure that investors in the Artemis UK Growth Fund will agree with us that, in Ed, Tim has a very worthy successor.”

Precise dates are yet to be determined. Tim will hand over to Ed management of the Artemis UK Growth Fund after an appropriate period of transition.

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