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A pure 'best ideas' strategy, the Artemis UK Select Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a focused portfolio of 40 to 60 stocks without any regard to the benchmark.

  • Free from market-cap bias: in the experience of manager Ed Legget, an agnostic approach to market-capitalisation weightings can deliver exceptional performance. Returns from the index are dependent on the performance of its largest constituents. But the composition of the Artemis UK Select Fund is entirely free from the market-cap bias inherent in conventional indices and the funds that track them.
  • Genuinely active: a flexible approach to portfolio construction means the fund’s largest holdings are those in which the manager has the highest levels of belief. Because not all opportunities are equal in risk or reward, position sizes reflect stock-specific risks and liquidity. This produces an entirely distinctive portfolio, as reflected in its high ‘active share’.
  • Ability to ‘go short: to enhance returns, the manager has the flexibility to hold short positions. This allows the fund to profit from falling – as well as rising – share prices.
  • Macro aware: the manager’s views on the economy act as a lens through which to view bottom-up investment opportunities. The fund’s largest holdings will be in stocks where there is a strong positive alignment between the stock-specific investment thesis and the manager’s macroeconomic views.
  • Proven performer: Ed Legget assumed responsibility for the fund in January 2016. At Standard Life Investments, Ed managed the UK Equity Unconstrained Fund from 2008 to 2015, when the fund was ranked 2/189 in the IA UK All Companies sector.

Ed Legget

Introducing the Artemis UK Select Fund

Ed Legget explains how he manages the UK Select Fund.

Fund managers

Ed Legget

Ed Legget

Since 31 December 2015

Ed joined Artemis in December 2015 to manage the Artemis UK Select Fund.

Ambrose Faulks

Ambrose Faulks

Assistant fund manager, since 31 December 2015

Ambrose works with Ed Legget managing the Artemis UK Select Fund.

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