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The Artemis UK Smaller Companies Fund aims to harness the superior growth potential of smaller companies. Detailed financial research and company meetings identify between 60 and 100 growing businesses that the manager believes will produce excellent risk-adjusted returns over the longer term.

  • Harnessing the power of smaller companies: research has shown that smaller companies tend to outperform their larger peers over the long term. The fund aims to exploit this ‘smaller companies effect’.
  • Meeting management: manager Mark Niznik believes that a deep understanding of the companies is imperative for successful investing over the longer term.
  • Proven performer: launched in 1998, the Artemis UK Smaller Companies Fund has a strong long-term performance record. Mark Niznik has almost two decades’ experience of running smaller company funds.
  • A distinctive portfolio: a flexible approach to portfolio construction means that the fund’s largest holdings are those in which the manager has the highest faith in the companies’ prospects – not necessarily those that are largest in size.

Mark Niznik

Introducing the Artemis UK Smaller Companies Fund

Mark Niznik explains how he manages the UK Smaller Companies Fund.

Fund managers

Mark Niznik

Mark Niznik

Since October 2007

Mark has managed the Artemis UK Smaller Companies Fund since joining the firm in 2007.

William Tamworth

William Tamworth

Since March 2016

William works with Mark Niznik managing the Artemis UK Smaller Companies Fund.

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