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The Artemis US Extended Alpha Fund is a ‘long/short’ fund. Designed to outperform the American S&P 500 stockmarket index, it combines a traditional portfolio of ‘long’ US stocks (where the manager expects a company’s share prices to rise) with a portfolio of ‘short’ positions (where he aims to make money from an anticipated fall in a share’s price).

  • ‘Best ideas’: the fund will typically invest in around 130 individual carefully researched ‘best ideas’ companies across its long and short portfolios.
  • Flexible approach: manager Stephen Moore takes a flexible, pragmatic approach to stock-picking, adapting the fund's investment style with the goal of outperforming the index across the economic and market cycle.
  • Macro aware: rigorous analysis looks to understand the long-term trends and economic conditions that are shaping the US economy, identifying areas benefiting from supportive trends as well as those for whom conditions are less favourable.
  • Strong risk awareness:  analysis of return-versus-risk (known as ‘up/down’) is part of the investment process and seeks to identify companies that offer an attractive risk profile across a range of scenarios. Each one of the fund’s positions looks to ensure its upside potential significantly outweighs its downside risks.
  • A renowned US equity team: the Artemis US equity team has been working together for many years. It has built a reputation for its flexible and pragmatic investment approach. Collectively, the members have around 80 years’ experience.

Stephanie Sutton

Introducing the Artemis US Extended Alpha Fund

Stephanie Sutton, investment director on Artemis’ US equities team, introduces the US Extended Alpha Fund.

Fund managers

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Since launch

Stephen has managed Artemis’ US Extended Alpha and US Absolute Return Funds since launch.

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