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Artemis US Extended Alpha Fund


Historic yield

As at
22 Apr 2024


About this fund

The Artemis US Extended Alpha Fund uses a ‘long/short’ strategy in seeking to grow capital over five years*. It combines a traditional portfolio of around 40 to 60 ‘long’ positions, where the manager buys shares he expects to increase in value, with a portfolio of ‘short’ positions where the manager buys shares he expect to decrease in value. A short position involves the sale of an asset the fund does not physically own with the aim of buying it later at a lower price to secure a profit.

All financial investments involve taking risk and the value of an investment may go down as well as up. This fund carries an additional risk that the price of a shorted asset goes up, resulting in the fund making a loss on the trade, causing a negative contribution to the fund’s overall performance. The fund uses derivatives to achieve a short position synthetically. If you are unsure whether a fund that uses shorting and derivatives is suitable for you, we would encourage you to consult a financial adviser.

  • Flexible approach: managers Adrian Brass, James Dudgeon and William Warren adapt the fund with the goal of delivering returns through different market conditions
  • A respected US equity team: the Artemis US equity fund managers have many years of experience. They have built a reputation for their pragmatic investment approach.   
  • Big picture: through rigorous analysis the team seeks to understand the long-term trends that shape the US economy. They aim to identify industries and companies that will benefit from the economic environment as well as those that might suffer.
  • Risk aware: analysis of return-versus-risk is an important part of the investment process. The team analyses each of the fund’s holdings across a range of scenarios to ensure that they believe the potential for growth significantly outweighs the risks.

*There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve a positive return over a five-year period or any other time period and your capital is at risk.

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