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The Artemis Institutional Global Capital Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in attractively-valued growth companies around the world. It draws on SmartGARP®, Artemis’ proprietary screening tool that identifies potential winners and promotes timely and objective decision-making.

  • Rigorous stock screening: SmartGARP combats ‘information overload’ by focusing the fund manager’s attention on the companies with the most attractive financial characteristics.
  • Global opportunity: the fund invests worldwide, covering a broad spread of countries and market sectors.
  • Objective clarity: SmartGARP provides an objective framework for comparing the relative attractions of stocks in different markets and sectors around the world. It also promotes timely – and frequently contrarian – decision-making.
  • Subjective insight: before investing, the manager carries out detailed research to ensure that the investment story behind an attractive SmartGARP score is real.

Peter Saacke

Introducing the Artemis Institutional Global Capital Fund

Peter Saacke explains how he manages the Institutional Global Capital Fund.

Fund managers

Peter Saacke

Peter Saacke

Since January 2004

Peter has managed the Artemis Global Growth Fund and Artemis Institutional Global Capital Fund since January 2004 and co-managed the Artemis Global Emerging Markets Fund since its launch in April 2015.

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