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America is home to a huge number of the world’s most innovative, entrepreneurial and fastest-growing small companies. Because smaller companies tend to be less well covered by financial analysts than their larger peers, experienced investment managers can use detailed research to find the leaders of tomorrow before their potential receives wider recognition.

  • The ‘smaller companies effect’: academic studies suggest that, over the long term, smaller companies tend to outperform their larger peers. America is also a particularly supportive environment for small companies.
  • A relatively small yet diversified portfolio: the fund typically holds around 40 to 60 stocks whose market value is below US$10 billion, carefully selected from a universe of over 2,000. This ensures the fund is focused on a select list of companies – but that it also holds enough stocks to ensure diversification, helping to mitigate the higher levels of volatility seen in smaller companies.
  • Seeking opportunity: to maximise long-term returns, manager Cormac Weldon is free to select stocks in whichever areas of the market he finds opportunity. As such, the fund will typically bear little relation to its stockmarket index.
  • Experience: Cormac has managed US equity portfolios in all manner of market conditions. His judgement underpins the fund, allowing it to navigate changes in the economic and market environment.

Cormac Weldon

Introducing the Artemis US Smaller Companies Fund

Cormac Weldon explains how he manages the US Smaller Companies Fund.

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Cormac Weldon

Cormac Weldon

Since launch

Cormac is head of the US team and has managed the Artemis US Equity, US Select and US Smaller Companies Funds since launch.

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