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Our fund managers share their views on what’s happening in global economies, the markets and Artemis’ funds.

The Hunters’ Tails

A word from Artemis

A historical question: has it been a better idea to buy when markets are cheap relative to their own history? A practical question: is this the beginning of a sustained rally?

The Hunters’ Tails: A Canadian canary?

Forecasts are, of course, usually fatuous – especially when they’re about the future.

The Owl of Minerva: Risky times

Simon Edelsten, manager of the Artemis Global Select Fund discusses the risks involved in equity investing for the big investment house and the individual investors.

In the business of bonds…

William Littlewood, manager of the Artemis Strategic Assets Fund, explains why he continues to be short government bonds and where he is finding value in equities.

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