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Artemis Corporate Bond Fund


Distribution yield

As at
17 Jul 2024


About this fund

The Artemis Corporate Bond Fund invests predominantly in investment grade bonds issued by companies. An investment grade rating signifies that a bond is regarded by credit rating agencies as having a relatively low risk of defaulting on its payments.

The fund aims to generate a return greater than the iBoxx GBP Collateralized & Corporates Index, after fees, over rolling three-year periods. It seeks to do this through a combination of income and capital growth. Our managers use indices provided by third party firms as benchmarks for comparing performance and the level of risk taken by their funds. However, as active managers our teams do not select companies and industries based on the proportions of the index they represent.

The value of the bonds selected by the managers may fall as well as rise with movements in bond markets or owing to factors specific to individual companies. This could mean investors may not get back the amount they originally invested. There is a risk that a company issuing a bond may default on its regular payments or not pay back the initial value of the bond at the end of the payment term.

  • Actively managed: we believe that the prices of many corporate bonds are inaccurate. Active managers can seek to take advantage of this by avoiding bonds that they believe are too expensive, while seeking investment opportunities in undervalued parts of the market.
  • Flexible: the fund invests mainly in investment grade bonds denominated in sterling, but it has scope to invest in other currencies when the managers think it appropriate.
  • Nimble: owing to its size, we believe the fund is more agile than many of its competitors, allowing the managers to alter the fund’s positioning quicker as conditions change.
  • ESG integration: the managers take a holistic view and believe that fundamentals, environmental, social and governance factors and technical and valuation factors interplay with each other. Some factors have higher importance than others at certain times, and are dependent on the sector, company or specific bond. ESG cannot be assessed in isolation.

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