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The Artemis Strategic Assets Fund has a simple objective: to perform well when markets are favourable and to safeguard capital when conditions are poor. To do this, it invests in a variety of asset classes. Equities are the fund’s mainstay but it will also hold bonds, commodities and currencies when appropriate, their proportions changing as economic and market conditions evolve.

  • Aims to safeguard capital: manager William Littlewood believes that an actively managed, multi-asset fund can generate positive returns over the long term, while also aiming to limit the impact of falls in challenging times.
  • Aware of the wider economic situation: William considers the economic factors that will affect the performance of different assets over the long term.
  • Flexibility: the fund aims to outperform both cash and equities over the longer term. In pursuit of that goal, the manager has the flexibility to move between higher and lower holdings of equities, depending on economic and market conditions.
  • All-weather portfolio: while some funds are restricted to buying assets whose value they believe will increase, the Artemis Strategic Assets Fund employs techniques that allows it to profit from falling prices, known as ‘shorting’.
  • A spread of investments: the fund’s multi-asset portfolio offers investors instant diversification. In addition to a core portfolio of high-quality equities, it has the flexibility to spread its holdings across fixed interest markets, commodities and currencies.

William Littlewood

Introducing the Artemis Strategic Assets Fund

William Littlewood explains how he manages the Strategic Assets Fund.

Fund managers

William Littlewood

William Littlewood

Since launch

William manages the Artemis Strategic Assets Fund which he launched in 2009.

Kartik Kumar

Kartik Kumar

Manager, since 28 April 2017

Kartik manages the Artemis Strategic Assets Fund alongside William Littlewood.

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