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Artemis Positive Future Fund


Historic yield

As at
17 Jul 2024


About this fund

The Artemis Positive Future Fund’s objective is to grow capital over a five-year period by investing in companies which meet the managers’ criteria for positive environmental and/or social impact. The fund manager pursues this goal by identifying companies that create transformational rather than incremental change.

  • Focus on disruption: The manager seeks companies that drive systemic change. This leads her to invest at the intersection of disruptive innovation and outmoded business models.
  • Focus on dispersion: The fund aims to deliver excess returns by avoiding the homogeneity of mega-caps; instead, it focuses on mid-caps where idiosyncratic risk is a much larger factor in outcomes.
  • Focus on positive impact: The manager seeks to invest in instigators of transformational change, assessing a company’s positive impact by determining:
    • Intentionality is about purpose. Transformational change cannot happen without it. This means identifying companies that align their mission or objectives directly to positive environmental and/or social impact.
    • Materiality is about significance. This measure indicates the positive impact a particular company can have.
    • Additionality is about transformation. The positive environmental and/or social impact a company contributes beyond what would otherwise have occurred. This predominantly happens through disruptive innovation and not through incremental improvements to the status quo.

For more information, read the fund's annual impact report for 2022 (PDF) for a detailed review of the fund’s main investment themes for impact equities during the year.

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