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Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Artemis, we embrace difference. Different backgrounds, ideas, opinions, experience and approaches create our advantage. This applies to the way fund managers operate our investment strategies and also to our own business.

Diversity, equity and inclusion encompasses three key areas for us: as an employer, as an investor, and in the wider world.

Artemis as an employer

Diversity, equity and inclusion is integrated into our business through:

  • Our corporate values
  • Policies to attract, retain, reward and develop our people
  • How we train and communicate with our people

We are committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, where people of different ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities and sexual orientations, and with differences in education, personalities, skillsets, experiences and knowledge can succeed.

We continue to develop our approach through involvement in collaborative initiatives.

Our partners and associations include:

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the investment industry

  • The Diversity Project: an initiative championing an inclusive culture within the savings and investment industries
  • LGBT Great: raising awareness and visibility and developing standards for LGBTQ+ members of the financial services community, working closely with the Diversity Project

Supporting women in business

  • Women in Finance Charter: Artemis is a signatory to the UK government’s charter aimed at achieving gender balance at all levels across financial services businesses. In 2023, we renewed our commitment and set targets to achieve:
    • at least 35% women in the senior management population (executive -1) excluding investment management by 2030
    • at least 30% female fund managers by 2030
  • Progress Together: a membership body that aims to level the playing field for staff from all socio-economic backgrounds focusing on recruitment, progression and retention

Providing opportunity for young people

We have introduced schemes that will help to add to our talent pipeline as well as addressing industry challenges with a focus on early career:

  • Investment 2020: a careers service focused on bringing more diverse talent into school leaver and graduate trainee programmes across the investment industry
  • Future Asset: an initiative for girls in Scottish schools to increase awareness of the investment industry and widen the talent pipeline to improve diversity in the industry
  • Arrival Education: an organisation that works with diverse talent from state schools to deliver improved outcomes for business and society. We are proud to sponsor the Artemis Profit Hunt, a six-month social mobility programme with sixth formers from across London each year, designed to widen access to the investment profession. In 2023, 60 pupils worked in teams, supported by 24 Artemis volunteers, to invest a hypothetical £5m into stocks. Read our Artemis Profit Hunt programme evaluation report.

Artemis as an investor

We encourage diversity, equity and inclusion in the companies we invest in through:

  • Engagement with the boards of investee companies
  • How we vote at company AGMs and meetings
  • Reporting on investee company activities

As an investor in hundreds of companies around the world, we act in our clients’ interests to invest in companies which can create, preserve and enhance value.  This involves the assessment of a broad range of factors which do, or could, have an impact on value, including those related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. And of these ESG matters, a company’s approach to how it manages its people and its corporate culture, including diversity, equity and inclusion, is considered in our investment assessment. We discuss these matters with the executives of the companies we invest in and exercise our rights through voting at annual general meetings.

Read more about our stewardship and voting policies

Artemis in the wider world

A focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is integrated into our charitable activities through:

  • The Artemis Charitable Foundation
  • Financial support we provide to charities
  • Volunteering opportunities for our people

A focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is integrated into our charitable activities, both through the Artemis Charitable Foundation which manages our charitable activities and to which Artemis gives a proportion of its revenues each year, and through the involvement of our people in fundraising, volunteering and sponsored charitable events.

Read more about our charitable involvement and the Artemis Charitable Foundation