Investment Team

Adrian Frost

UK equity income strategy

Adrian co-manages Artemis’ UK equity income strategies.

Alex Illingworth

‘Global select’ strategy

Alex manages Artemis‘ ‘global select’ strategy with Simon Edelsten and Rosanna Burcheri.

Alex Ralph

‘Strategic bond’ strategy

Alex runs Artemis’ ‘strategic bond’ strategy alongside James Foster and is the manager of Artemis‘ ‘high income‘ strategy.

Ambrose Faulks

'UK select' strategy

Ambrose works with Ed Legget managing Artemis’ ‘UK select’ strategy.

Anand Shah

Anand works as an analyst in the US team.

Andy Gray

‘UK special situations‘ strategy

Andy works alongside Derek Stuart managing Artemis’ ‘UK special situations’ strategy.

Andy Marsh

UK equity income strategy

Andy works alongside Adrian Frost and Nick Shenton as part of Artemis’ income team.

Chris Ellis

'High income' strategy

Chris is an analyst supporting the bond team.

Chris Kent

Chris works as an analyst in the US team. He has a masters in chemistry from Bristol University

Cormac Weldon

US equity strategy

Cormac has managed Artemis’ US equity strategies since launch.

David Ennett

'Global high yield' strategy

David joined Artemis in February 2019 from Kames Capital, where he was Head of High Yield.

David Fine

David is a technology investment analyst in the US team.

Derek Stuart

‘UK special situations‘ strategy

Derek manages Artemis’ ‘UK special situations’ strategy, which he launched in March 2000, alongside Andy Gray.

Ed Legget

‘UK select‘ strategy

Ed joined Artemis in December 2015 to manage Artemis‘ ‘UK Select‘ strategy.

Ed Redmond

Global Income team

Ed is an investment director with a focus on the UK and Global Income franchises.

Grace Le

Bond strategy

Grace is a fund manager in the Artemis fixed income team.

Hamel Sthankiya

Hamel is responsible for investment oversight in the fund management team, supporting the chief investment officer.

Jack Holmes

‘Global high yield' strategy

Jack joined Artemis in June 2019 from Kames Capital, where since 2016 he co-managed a range of high-yield bond funds.

Jacob de Tusch-Lec

‘Global income' strategy

Jacob has managed Artemis’ global income strategies since July 2010.

James Davidson

‘Global income' strategy

James is a fund manager in Artemis’ Global Income team.

James Foster

‘Strategic bond’ and ‘monthly distribution‘ strategies

James joined Artemis in April 2005 and manages Artemis’ ‘strategic bond’ and ‘monthly distribution’ strategies which were launched in June 2005 and May 2012 respectively.

John DiFucci

John is a technology investment analyst in the US team.

John Dodd

UK-listed investment trust

John is Executive Chairman and co-manages one of Artemis’ UK-listed investment trusts.

Juan Valenzuela

Bond strategy

Juan is a fund manager in the Artemis fixed income team.

Kartik Kumar

Multi-asset strategy, UK-listed investment trust

Kartik manages a multi-asset strategy with William Littlewood; and a UK-listed investment trust with John Dodd.

Laurent Millet

‘European opportunities‘ strategy

Laurent manages Artemis ‘European opportunities‘ strategy.

Lindsay Whitelaw

Lindsay helps oversee Artemis’ unquoted investments and is chairman of the Artemis Charitable Foundation.

Mark Niznik

‘UK smaller companies‘ strategy

Mark has managed Artemis‘ ‘UK smaller companies‘ strategy since joining the firm in 2007, which he does alongside fellow manager William Tamworth

Matthew Beesley

Chief Investment Officer

Nafis Chowdhury

Nafis is an analyst in the US equities team.

Nick Shenton

UK equity income strategy

Nick manages income mandates alongside Adrian Frost and Andy Marsh.

Olivia Micklem

Olivia has worked as an analyst in Artemis’ US equities team since 2014.

Peter Saacke

‘European growth’, ‘global growth’ and ‘global emerging markets‘ strategies

Peter manages Artemis’ ‘global growth’ strategy and co-manages Artemis’ ‘european growth’ and ‘global emerging markets’ strategy .

Philip Wolstencroft

UK equity and ‘European growth‘ strategies

Philip is a partner, a member of the management committee and the creator of an investment process (SmartGARP™) which Artemis uses to help choose stocks for five of its funds.

Raheel Altaf

‘Global emerging markets‘ strategy

Raheel has managed Artemis‘ ‘global emerging markets‘ strategy with Peter Saacke since its launch in April 2015.

Rosanna Burcheri

‘Global select’ strategy

Rosanna manages Artemis’ ‘global select’ strategy with Simon Edelsten and Alex Illingworth.

Simon Edelsten

‘Global select’ strategy

Simon manages Artemis‘ ‘global select‘ strategy with Alex Illingworth and Rosanna Burcheri.

Stephanie Sutton

Stephanie is an investment director, concentrating on Artemis’ US equity franchise.

Stephen Baines

‘Global high yield' strategy

Stephen is a fund manager in the Artemis fixed income team.

Stephen Snowden

Bond strategy

Stephen is a fund manager in the Artemis fixed income team.

William Littlewood

‘Strategic assets’ strategy

William manages Artemis’ ‘strategic assets’ strategy which he launched in 2009.

William Tamworth

‘UK smaller companies‘ strategy

William works with Mark Niznik managing Artemis’ ‘UK smaller companies’ strategy.

William Warren

US long/short strategy

William has co-managed Artemis’ two US long/short strategies since launch in 2014, and has been the sole manager of these strategies since October 2019.

Young Chun

Young is an analyst in Artemis’ US team.

Zuoyi Zhou

Zuoyi works as an analyst in the US team.