How to invest in Artemis funds

You can invest in Artemis unit trust and OEIC funds directly with Artemis or via a financial adviser or fund platform.

Most Artemis funds issue two different ‘classes’ of units or shares, each of which has different investment minimums and charging structures:

  • class R’, which has a low minimum investment but a higher annual charge
  • class I’, which has a high minimum investment but a lower annual charge

You may also be able to buy ‘class I’ units or shares with a reduced minimum investment by investing via an adviser or fund platform.

Here are your principal options for investing in Artemis funds:

Invest via a financial adviser

We always recommend you speak to a financial adviser if you need advice on making an investment. Advisers can help you plan your investments, and can invest in Artemis ‘class R’ and ‘class I’ units and shares on your behalf.

Invest via a fund platform

Invest in Artemis funds via a fund platform, where you can buy Artemis ‘class R’ and ‘class I’ units and shares. The Investment Association’s website contains more information about investing via fund platforms and can also help you find a platform.

Invest with Artemis

We offer three ways to invest directly with Artemis:

Invest by phone

Call our Dealing Department to invest in ‘class R’ and ‘class I’ units and shares by telephone (class I units and shares are subject to higher minimum investments, which our dealers can explain).

Telephone 0800 092 2051
Open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

Invest online

Register and deal in ‘class R’ units and shares online with your debit or credit card. You can also check the value of your Artemis investments.

Invest by post

Download and complete an application form to invest in ‘class R’ units and shares, then return it to us by post. (We’re sorry, you can’t invest in ‘class I’ units and shares by post).

Investing in investment trust and VCT funds

If you want to invest in an investment trust or VCT fund managed by Artemis (Artemis Alpha Trust, Mid Wynd International Investment Trust or Artemis VCT), you can do so through a stockbroker or online fund platform. We always recommend you speak to a financial adviser if you need advice on making an investment.