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Enter your holdings in Artemis funds and we’ll automatically update your portfolio value every business day.

This valuation is based on the last published price. Funds are valued each business day at 12 noon UK time (except investment trust and VCT funds, which are valued at close of business, although updated prices can take longer to appear here. Prices shown are mid prices (except for investment trusts and VCT funds), which reflect the Net Asset Value (NAV) of units/shares. If you choose to make an investment or to sell any of your holdings, the value of your actual investment or sale (‘redemption’) proceeds will be based on the price at the next valuation point after your request is received. The price shown may not be the price you receive, when a ‘dilution adjustment’ (also known as a ‘price swing’) may apply and result in you receiving a lower or higher price. The application of a dilution adjustment is common practice to reflect the cost of trading and hence protect remaining investors in the fund.