Corporate and social responsibility

The Artemis partnership is deeply aware of our broader responsibility to society and aspires to make a positive difference to the environment and communities in which we work and live. Artemis encourages its employees to participate in a number of initiatives and has a Charitable Foundation that supports a broad range of causes.


Artemis’ governance is underpinned by a partnership structure alongside formal and separate assessment of remuneration and performance. These reinforce a culture of accountability, commitment and loyalty.

We recognise that one of the key determinants in our long-term success is the stability of our investment teams. Artemis has a low level of turnover among the fund managers and the partnership structure will ensure that this remains the case. We believe in creating a strong alignment of interests between our investment professionals and our clients. Senior staff invest in the funds they manage, and their compensation is linked to the investment success we achieve for our clients.

Artemis is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and currently has 30 partners who are fund managers and other key individuals at the firm. We believe that a partnership is a flexible and robust structure for an investment management business. An entrepreneurial culture of independent thinking has allowed our fund managers’ flair and enthusiasm for asset management to flourish in a collegiate environment.

The management committee takes ultimate responsibility for the firm’s governance structure. It is chaired by one of our founders, John Dodd and has four independent non-executives.  The management committee is supported by a number of key committees such as the executive committee and the compliance & risk committee.

To ensure best practice and to support a robust governance structure the partnership has appointed independent officers to key committees.

Our people

Artemis recognises that the quality and commitment of our staff is a key determinant of success.

The partnership is an ‘equal opportunities’ employer. It ensures that staff and prospective staff members are recruited, selected, developed, remunerated and promoted on the basis of their skills and suitability for the work performed. The partnership is committed to making full use of the talents and resources of all its staff; and to ensuring that no member of staff receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or philosophical belief, gender (including gender reassignment), sexual orientation, marital status, disability, part-time status, fixed-term status, parental responsibilities or age.

The partnership actively encourages staff to develop their expertise and professional knowledge, both through formal training and through self-development. Staff then share their skills in the wider world, through involvement in various charities and causes.

Meanwhile Artemis supports the Investment 2020 (opens in a new window) scheme whose aim is to bring more diverse talent to the investment management industry.

Charitable and community involvement

Each year, the firm gives a proportion of revenues to the Artemis Charitable Foundation, which manages our charitable activities and our involvement in the wider world.