In today’s environment, the hunter’s all-active approach is more important than ever…

Artemis is a leading UK-based fund manager, offering a range of funds to suit your investment needs.

Artemis offers a range of funds which invest in the UK, Europe, the US and around the world. As a dedicated, active investment house, we specialise in investment management for both retail and institutional investors.

Stockmarkets are facing a number of challenges, both economic and political, and, of course, company-specific. This environment, we believe, calls for an all-active approach. After thorough research and analysis, our fund managers decide which stocks to invest in, and – importantly – which to avoid. They only invest in companies that they believe are undervalued, not because they represent a significant proportion of the index.

Introducing our range of funds

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UK funds

The UK is a leading location for business, a stable and liquid market with a diverse range of companies.

European funds

Home to many world-class companies, Europe provides investors with plenty of scope for diversification.

US funds

The US is the largest and most diverse market, with many of the world’s most innovative, entrepreneurial and fastest-growing companies

Global funds

With around 50,000 companies around the world, taking a global perspective provides a broad exposure to equities.

Fixed income funds

Fixed income is a broad asset class, including government bonds as well as those issued by companies. Bonds’ coupon payments can provide a regular and predictable income.

Multi-asset funds

Spreading investments across different types of assets can help to diversify – and therefore potentially reduce – risk. Multi-asset funds can also provide a diversified source of income.

Investment trusts

Investment trusts offer alternative investment vehicles for investors. Artemis offers two – one focusing on UK equities and one on global equities.

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To ensure you understand whether a fund is suitable for you, please read the Key Investor Information Document, which is available, along with the fund’s Prospectus, from this website.

The value of any investment, and any income from it, can rise and fall with movements in stockmarkets, currencies and interest rates. These can move irrationally and can be affected unpredictably by diverse factors, including political and economic events. This could mean that you won’t get back the amount you originally invested.