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Specialists in active management

Independent and owner-managed, the firm’s aim has always been to offer exemplary investment performance and service to our clients.

Is it time to move on from ‘growth versus value’?

Matthew Beesley, CIO, discusses the growth versus value debate and shares some of the differing views from Artemis’ fund managers.

The Hunters’ Tails: Weeds, deeds and a dinosaur…

Was that it? In a clear case of nominative determinism, the new president of the Royal Horticultural Society is Keith Weed. His father was a Weed..

Artemis Global Select Fund

A conservative approach to investing

The Global Select Fund aims to grow real wealth while preserving capital in tougher conditions.

Our fund range

Introducing our range of funds

Artemis offers a range of funds which invest in the UK, Europe, the USA and around the world.